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Stop plotting. Start planting. Tools for raised bed, square foot  & container gardening of companion vegetables, herbs 
and flowers.
Light green, deep green and red vegetables planted using the Garden Stamp.

Garden Guides


The Garden Stamp planting guides, charts and worksheets are designed to be shared. Download, print, tack one up in your garden shed, share them with your classroom or garden club. Check back seasonally for new plans. Follow us on social media for our latest garden tips and tricks.




How to plant 64 common veggies, herbs and flowers using the Garden Stamp. Suggestions for succession planting, companion planting, and maximizing space are included. Feeling creative? Plant a pattern.



Fastest Way to Plant a Raised Garden Bed

How to plant your entire 4X4 raised garden bed - without measuring.

Try our seven veggie garden plan incorporating beets, carrots, lettuce, onions, peppers, radishes and tomatoes plus beneficial herbs and flowers

Learning how to garden? Looking for a simple garden design for a tasty organic harvest? Experimenting with companion planting? Try our seven veggie garden plan incorporating beneficial herbs and flowers.

Check the veggie, herb and flower compatibility of 44 common plants with our handy chart.

Planting tomatoes & broccoli? Take caution if planting them together. Check the veggie, herb and flower compatibility of 44 common plants with our handy chart. The Companion Planting Chart also includes a convenient reference for the number of plants per stamp.


The Garden Stamp's Easy Dot Planting Guide

Spring Garden Planning Worksheet

Ten Great Companion Plants

The Garden Stamp's Spring Garden Planning Worksheet

Our fillable garden planning worksheet includes a convenient list of direct sow seeds, the suggested time to plant them before the last frost and space to enter essential planting information.



Our favorite garden companions. Includes examples from our own Garden Stamp garden. Great to share with your garden club.



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